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auctions are the most exciting and effective way to sell almost any item...especially real estate.


Everyday billions of dollars of auction sales are going on in the stock market, auto industry, commodities markets and 100’s of other products. Real Estate is the fastest growing segment of the auction industry. A real estate auction is the leading edge of marketing.


Ed and Sue Messer constantly study the auction method of marketing and the local market to insure that our auction services are professional and effective. Whether you are a buyer or a seller an Ed and Sue Messer Auction is something you want to be a part of.

How Do They Work

Auctions are the most exciting and effective way to sell most any product, especially real estate. If time is a concern, then auctions are your best resource to selling your investment.


People are flocking to auctions. Auctions are one of the oldest forms of selling property and time has only increased their popularity. 


Sellers and buyers like the auction process for many reasons such as:

-Speedy process


-Quick turnaround


-Seller sets the time and terms for the sale Marketing plan is exciting,

comprehensive and compact


-Buyers come prepared to buy with No negotiations


-Competitive bidding Auctions work well in good and slow economic times.



It is important to hire a qualified and experienced auctioneer; Someone who is familiar with the area, properly licensed, and has a track record of success and a reputation of honesty. 


Types of Auctions 

There are basically two types of auction sales: absolute and reserve.


An absolute sale means that the property will sell to the last and highest bidder on sale day regardless of price.


A reserve sale means that the owner or some other entity (such as a court or bank) has placed a reserve value which the property will have to fetch before it can be sold.


An absolute auction creates much more excitement, draws larger crowds and usually brings higher prices. Naturally some seller are reluctant to list “absolute” but if they have the equity and the courage, it is usually in their best interest to sell absolute and take advantage of the tremendous advertising boost that “absolute auction” has.


It is their auctioneer’s job to use his expertise and contacts to insure that there are bidders at the sale and a competitive environment that yields a fair market value for the seller and the buyer.


A reserve auction lets everybody sleep easier, including the buyer’s. In some cases, it is necessary to sell reserve, but usually prices and attendance will be better if the sale can be structured absolute.


A successful auction requires a seller who is sincerely motivated; a seller that has a reason for selling and a desire to get on with their life. When you couple that kind of seller with a professional auction company, you will have a sale that works well.


If you have Ed and Sue Messer conduct your auction you will get a professional auction service that has sold hundreds of properties over the past 20 years. Besides being a certified auctioneer, Ed Messer is a State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser (RZ57), a licensed real estate broker and a member of the National and State Auctioneer’s Association.


Ed and Sue will conduct a free auction consultation of your property and tell you just how things are likely to go. They will give you estimates based on their years of experience, and design a promotion plan that will bring the maximum number of bidders.


Ed and Sue Messer Auctions The marketing plan that works and works FAST !!

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